Interiors by Laurel, Inc. takes pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

“Laurel was first referred to me by a close friend of mine. I always envied this friend’s home, because it was so beautifully decorated. My friend is a very social person; hosting many events, gatherings and get-togethers. She is very picky and has high standards of quality, so I was excited when she shared with me who did her decorating!

Laurel came into my home, rearranged my furniture and proceeded to listen to what my decorating needs were! She did not push for me to do anything “extra,” just ready to help with what I was asking her about. Wow! Blinds, drapes, window treatments, cushion covers, rugs and beautiful pictures were the first round! I was finally beginning to feel comfortable in my own home! We sat down and chose everything together!

Next, she performed her magic at our place of business. We were starting up a division of weight loss and I was desperate to give a designated exam room a MAJOR face lift. Again, her finesse with wall paper, plantation shutters, rugs, paint colors and even furniture has made this room a favorite with our patients! She even lined up someone to install wood laminate in this room and the hallway!

Sadly, I promised to let my husband “re-make” the bonus room as his “hunting lodge.” A place where he can put his deer heads, etc. Laurel helped me again with everything here, plus helped me find a reputable pool table company. Over-stuffed cushions on the floor, window treatments and lighting to name a few of the upgrades. Great work!

Next, I needed help with my bathroom. Again wow! She brought in samples of cabinets and granite, tile and faucets! She even met me at a plumbing store and took time to search for cabinet knobs and entire selections of faucets! She is the most patient person on the planet, because I become extremely overwhelmed and overloaded with too many choices! She even sought out a frameless shower person for me! I was amazed at how she could utilize older floor tile and make it a part of the remodel! She pulls everything together, so it all looks new!

Most recently, because she has now become a very close and trustworthy friend, I had her help with a water-damaged kitchen. Staggered cabinets, taller cabinets, cabinets without space between the doors are all details I did not even know existed. She knows her stuff! She even went to the granite store to help me (again I was overwhelmed by the choices).

The list goes on…  I would recommend Laurel to any business owner or home owner. She is honest and trustworthy. She knows her stuff and is extremely competent. She is patient and flexible. She is always accessible. She is literally an artist! Most of all, she has a HUGE heart and we love her! I would be happy to speak with anyone about the success I have had with Laurel and the ease in which she works with people.”

Theresa Strait

“The first time I used Laurel was to help me decide on a valance for my kitchen. She did such a great job in helping select colors and style, I used her to do the same for my office and master bedroom. Then my husband and I decided to have our floors tiled, guest bathrooms redone and an updated look to our dinning room with new furniture, pictures, lamps, etc. Laurel was there again helping us with picking tiles, cabinets, lighting, painting, chairs, sofa, etc. She was very patient with my husband and I in choosing everything from tiles to sofa colors as we are very picky people when it comes to choosing colors, designs, etc. Then a few years later we remodeled out master bathroom. This was a huge project that took a couple of months and the end result was spectacular!

We couldn’t be happier. Our kids call it the ‘hotel’ bathroom because it looks so grand with 2 shower heads, 3 body jets, custom niche with built in bench, frameless doors, jet spa tub and many other upgrades. It was exactly what we were hoping for!

Laurel does it ALL and she does it well. I would highly recommend Interiors By Laurel for anyone looking to redo just about anything in the home and for all your decorating needs.”

“Guests in our home continue to compliment me about the attractive and tasteful layout and style of our home. People almost always tell me how relaxed and comfortable they always feel after they’ve stopped by for a visit.

People who visit us always ask me “where on earth” did I find these beautiful fabrics and they compliment me about how smoothly my color scheme transitions from kitchen to dining to family room. With Laurel’s kind and thoughtful suggestions, we have created such a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of all the busywork life can sometimes burden us with. I so appreciate receiving her clear definitions and her helping me to bring some focus on several of my ideas which she was so patient in listening to and understanding.

Our homes become extensions of our tastes and personalities. Sharing those ideas with a designer can either be stressful and overwhelming, or it can become a most rewarding and naturally transformative experience, like creating a collaborative work of art! With Laurel’s help, we turned a daunting task into an absolutely fun series of mini projects.

When we were in the planning stages, I remember how helpful Laurel was by listening to me describe what I wanted, and then helping me define my ideas. Never once did I feel like Laurel was talking down to me or trying to convince me that your suggestions would work better. That makes all the difference for me in deciding who’s going to help me with these projects. She is such a careful listener and always tactfully offered an array of suggestions with such flair and finesse! The results speak for themselves, and my guests continue to notice the genius of “our” handy work! Laurel brought such a positive influence into our home day after day!”

Kimberly Kazbour

“I met and started working with Laurel in April 2000. At that time I had an empty room that I wanted to decorate as an office/retreat for my husband, Doug. We had to proceed slowly and tackle it piece by piece as our budget allowed. Laurel was very patient to accommodate us, she was never pushy. She listened to our likes and dislikes and was concerned that we would love every piece of the puzzle that became the finished masterpiece.

I didn’t have a lot of confidence in decorating. I knew what I liked when I saw it, but didn’t know how to get from point A to B. Laurel made what could have been a stressful experience into a fun-filled experience.

We have worked on many projects since: furniture, rugs, carpet, wallpaper, artwork, florals and much more, all with positive results and a happy client. I look forward to working with Laurel again when the next project arises.”

Mary Baker, Lithia

“My wife and I have known Laurel for over 10 years and she has been instrumental throughout those years in assisting us to truly make our new house, an enjoyable home! Laurel is an expert in design and décor. To this end, she worked tirelessly to improve the appearance and functionality of our home, by completely rearranging the living room, redecorating the master bedroom and finding and placing numerous furnishings, accent pieces and art.

Her superior efforts through the years lead to our decision in 2008 to completely renovate our kitchen and family room. Laurel personally coordinated this 8-week challenge by recommending various designs, tile, granite, cabinetry, and then flawlessly selecting and supervising numerous sub contractors. The results are impressive and have been the source of many, many favorable comments from friends and family–all the direct result of Laurel’s efforts!

Most recently, Laurel was tasked with decorating our home’s new 800-sq-ft Bonus Room which included all new furniture placement, window coverings, art, accents, wood flooring, and paint choices. She accomplished all (design to completed installation) in under 6 weeks, enabling us to host a Christmas party for 100 “close friends!”

Laurel’s best attribute is the ability to listen to her client’s desires and then translate those ideas into action. We appreciate all she has done for our home and enthusiastically recommend her for any decorating challenge.”

Dave & Debbie Hamilton
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