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Project Description

Case Study 1: Log Cabin Home

Some people think Cowboys and Indians don’t have anything to do with Florida. Being a 4th generation Floridian, I beg to differ. Florida was settled by “Cracker” cowboys (ranchers) living alongside many different Indian tribes. Still to this day, one of Florida’s Leading industries is ranching.

Brenda & Alvin Magnon have traveled extensively in the southwestern part of the U.S. and have a passion for all things Cowboy & Indian. They have collected many authentic Indian & Southwestern art and accessories. They wanted to make the interior design of their upcoming log home in Thonotossassa a tasteful reflection of their art collection.

There is no drywall in this house. Many different shades of wood make the distinction between, rustic wood floors, walls, ceiling, cabinets and furniture pieces. Lots of details: Kitchen cabinets trimmed with logs and Indian head pennies, a granite countertop back splash broken like mountains. Lighting fixtures in horseshoes, antlers, branding irons, steer horns. In one of the guest baths—a natural granite boulder sink, rough on the outside, polished on the inside, with a buffalo head nickel stopper. The glass front doors are sandblasted with cowboy and horse art and six gun shooter handles. The window treatments are reminiscent of bygone days—simple creme cotton panels or disappearing cellular shades that don’t compete with the beauty of the logs.

Most people’s reactions:

“This is a museum, you could spend hours looking at all the details!”

“I love that this is not like the ‘Florida’ usual.”

“So unique!”